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Legacy application decommissioning

Many organizations keep aging business applications running long after their active life is over, largely because they contain important historical data that is needed for customer service, day-to-day operations, business intelligence and regulatory compliance.

Yet keeping obsolete systems on ‘life support’, just to view the data, can put a strain on any business. High support and maintenance costs, access difficulties, compliance concerns and technical skills shortages are all problems associated with legacy applications.

The cost-effective alternative to application 'life support'

SoftLanding provides a tried and tested process for decommissioning applications from any platform onto the IBM i, quickly and cost effectively.

We can extract data from your legacy systems and store it securely in our Columbus content repository. Users can access the data easily, either from screens that mimic the original application or in a new format chosen by the business. With the data safely removed, the original application is simply switched off.

Our proven approach can be adopted for retiring practically any application, from bespoke systems to proprietary software, including enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions from SAP® and Oracle®. Additionally, the Columbus content repository is well-suited to large data volumes such as billing records, financial transactions and customer history, together with documents, images and other unstructured formats such as voice recordings and video.

Benefits of application decommissioning from SoftLanding:
  • Reduce software licensing, maintenance, hardware and data center costs
  • Mitigate operational risk by reducing reliance on scarce and expensive legacy IT skills
  • Raise productivity and service levels by providing faster access to historical customer data
  • Meet compliance obligations by retaining business data in a secure, read-only format
  • Bring data from disparate applications into a low-cost and easily maintained system
  • Release IT resources to focus on innovation
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