SUPERMON® Performance

Performance management.

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Detect, diagnose, and resolve performance problems quickly ad easily.

Simplified performance insight

View performance data for multiple systems and multiple resources on one or more systems concurrently.

Minimize outages

Prevent unplanned downtime by identifying and resolving performance problems before they become critical.

Mitigate potential issues

Prevent offending jobs from creating performance problems by altering job priorities dynamically and automatically.

Intelligent advisor

Proactively tune performance based on recommendations from the built-in Intelligent Advisor function.

Improve capacity planning

Accurately budget for upgrades using detailed management information and realize potential cost savings.

Graphical representation

Generate graphs from a selection of pre-defined charts and create customized versions for your specific needs.

Real-time analysis

Monitor real-time performance with ‘traffic light’ indicators to identify performance bottlenecks at a glance.

Detailed drill down

Drill down into more detailed diagnostic information to gain insight into performance changes, quickly and easily.

Web dashboard

View all key performance indicators for multiple systems from a single, integrated dashboard, while working remotely or on the move.

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