TURNOVER® for ProGen Plus

Application lifecycle management for ProGen Plus developers.

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Simplified management of your ProGen Plus-based application changes under the TURNOVER® Lifecycle Manager framework.

Tightly coupled integration

Confidently harness the strengths of ProGen Plus' command structure with TURNOVER's change management framework

Environment management

Reliably manage transient changes using a single or multiple environment setup that avoids interference with production

Consistent change methodology

Successfully implement a single change management process for the development of your ProGen Plus and native code

Checkout control

Checkout ProGen Plus definition types, such as PDFs, user code, and validation modules, in the same manner as other IBM i objects

Powerful cross-referencing

Identify all relationships that exist between your PDFs, user code, and other programs, quickly and reliably

Error-check automation

Validate consistency between PDF and associated 3GL components as a pre-requisite to running promotions

Fail-safe promotion

Seamlessly promote your ProGen Plus PDF and 3GL components with native IBM i objects at the same time

Recovery and rollback

Automatically recover from unexpected promotion failures, and if necessary, roll back changes after they are installed

Emergency changes

Effectively manage emergency software fixes while objects are checked out for the development of other changes