Enterprise information management, transformation and presentment.

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A simpler, more cost-effective approach to opening up new digital channels that involves no changes to your existing IT systems or applications.

Universal data capture

Documents and data from any application, on any platform, can be captured automatically and stored alongside office documents, emails and scanned images; a '360 degree’ view of all correspondence for each customer supports efficient customer service.

Dynamic transformation

Your stored content is converted automatically into standard formats for online presentment and print delivery. Additionally, transformation to XML enables content to be exchanged directly with other business application interfaces.

Information lifecycle management

An integral document lifecycle manager allows you to implement retention periods to ensure timely deletion at end of life, to meet your regulatory archiving obligations; for documents that change regularly, a complete revision history is maintained, with full version control.

Security and auditing

Document encryption, versioning and auditing combine with user-level and document-level security to control access to your confidential data and ensure compliance with statutory mandates and directives.

Flexible access

Web and mobile interfaces can be tailored to fit your target audience and corporate branding, and published integration APIs provide seamless coupling with existing business applications.

Ease of use

You can easily locate information using index and free text searches, and process and approve documents using workflow indexes; additionally, users can annotate, email, print and export documents.

Data mining made simple

A dynamic indexing feature allows authorized users to analyze content from your entire document history and export the results to external reporting systems for further analysis.

Enterprise architecture

Columbus is designed to service millions of users and can store billions of documents and other digital artifacts, in an efficient, performant and compressed format.

Stress-free storage

At the heart of Columbus is a file-based, segmented storage architecture that makes backup very straightforward.