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improve service raise productivity enhance collaboration and streamline business processes

Embrace digital communications

SoftLanding's Columbus enterprise content management solution unlocks access to a wide variety of business content to improve service, raise productivity, enhance collaboration, and streamline business processes. The solution provides a powerful digital content hub that offers a simple, cost-effective approach to multi-channel communications and involves no changes to your IT systems or IBM i applications.

Existing output, including spool and data files, can be transformed into new, enhanced digital formats to support initiatives such as customer communications management, eInvoicing, and customer self-service, without impacting on existing operations. Additionally, financial savings can be realized by converting from paper to electronic storage and presentment, quickly and painlessly.

A built-in web portal provides self-service access that allows a wide range of business content to be easily shared and web enabled. Additionally, with your customer data stored in an enterprise content management system, you can make GDPR compliance easier by setting automatic retention and deletion rules, monitoring data access by internal company users, customers and business partners, and incorporating additional security processes such as encryption. All information is stored centrally and archived securely in line with your corporate retention policies.

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