AUTOMON® Console

Message console management.

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Improve your awareness of system and application messages and embrace automation to keep systems running smoothly while unattended.

Manage pro-actively

Monitor your IBM i system resources 24/7 and carry out actions automatically to avoid unnecessary downtime

Implement selective control

Choose which message queues to monitor and define automatic actions for responding to specific messages

Meet service level agreements

Define escalation rules for business-critical messages, and set out parameters for targeted response times

Use meaningful message descriptions

Improve user productivity using the Message Translation facility to simplify complex and ambiguous messages

Improve operator efficiency

Implement a centralized point of control across your IBM i network to improve system operator efficiency

Benefit from enhanced displays

Get a clearer picture of message activity throughout your organization, from a single pane of glass

Review message history

Identify how historical messages were actioned, when, and by whom, using a comprehensive audit trail

Respond remotely

Use a web browser on mobile devices to extend your message management capabilities to remote locations

Improve unattended operations

Take automation to the next level with 2-way message control using AUTOMON® Messenger

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