AUTOMON® Scheduler

Advanced job scheduling.

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Handle greater workloads, without employing additional staff.

Extensive calendar control

Create job schedules against an unlimited number of calendars that can reflect local variations such as working and non-working days, public holidays, month ends, and fiscal period ends

Advanced job conditioning

Condition job submissions on the status of other jobs (local and remote), existence of objects, data area values, and status of communication lines, job queues, and subsystems

Flowchart visualization

Understand the flow of complex schedules, spot job dependencies, and identify and eliminate potential processing bottlenecks using powerful graphical flowcharting presentation

Improve batch job control

Avoid interference with high-priority scheduled work by automatically taking control of unscheduled batch jobs that are generated by other applications and users

Flexible error recovery

Reap the rewards of flexible error recovery routines that maximize the automation of your batch job schedules and mitigate potential system outages

Restricted task scheduling

Reduce the need for additional shift cover by building restricted state tasks into your job schedules, such as system saves and reclaiming storage

Maximize batch throughput

Reduce bottlenecks and increase your system throughput by automatically submitting eligible jobs to empty job queues at the time of scheduled submission

Management information

Gain greater insight and control over your batch workloads by utilizing powerful on-line status enquiries, audit trails, run-time logs, and future schedule enquiries

Enterprise features

Benefit from a wide range of enterprise-grade features that make administration of your corporate-wide IBM i job scheduling simple and easy