Application lifecycle management for CA 2E developers.

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Simplified management of CA 2E-based application changes under the TURNOVER® Lifecycle Manager framework.

Impact analysis

Perform impact analysis for your CA 2E changes during checkout or on request

Checkout control

Initiate checkout from 'edit' functions as well as from a model list

Core-satellite support

Manage core models and promote change and model objects to satellite models

Model object conversion

Automatically convert condition values and copy model messages to the production or target environment

Versioning and archiving

Maintain development and production model objects with one model, retaining multiple archives of previous model objects

Model object security

Protect your CA 2E model objects using TURNOVER's granular application access and function controls

Promotion requests

Build promotion requests automatically using checkout references and optionally copy model objects to a secure production model

Fail-safe promotion

Promote your IBM i objects and CA 2E model objects, quickly and easily, using TURNOVER's reliable promotion mechanism

Integrity checking

Avoid 'level checks' by automatically checking the integrity of model objects against their corresponding IBM i objects and sources

Compile pre-processor support

Use the CA 2E compile pre-processor (YBRTPRC) during promotion processing to influence object creation parameters

Recovery and rollback

Automatically recover from unexpected promotion failures, and if necessary, roll back changes after they are installed

Flexible update constraints

Improve control using integrity constraints that restrict model object updates to checkout users only