Application lifecycle management for LANSA developers.

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Manage your LANSA and Visual LANSA-based application changes under the TURNOVER® Lifecycle Manager framework.

Quick and simple setup

Activate LANSA object types (field, file, function, process, etc.) automatically when installing TURNOVER® for LANSA

LANSA definition analysis

Efficiently analyze LANSA RDML using TURNOVER® for LANSA’s powerful definition compare facilities

Checkout definitions

Identify LANSA definitions in use by others and, optionally, lock yours to prevent changes by others while checked out to you

LANSA code changes

Perform LANSA RDML modifications using the same, familiar approach that you have become accustomed to

Corresponding task tracking

Automatically create and update LANSA tasks that correspond with your TURNOVER development activities

Distribute LANSA objects

Conveniently schedule the distribution of your software changes to any number of production systems

Seamless promotion processes

Consistently promote your IBM i objects and LANSA definitions using TURNOVER's reliable promotion mechanism

Recovery and rollback

Automatically recover from unexpected promotion failures, and if necessary, roll back changes after they are installed

Comprehensive security

Leverage the strength of TURNOVER's granular security matrix to control developer access to specific LANSA applications and functions