Menu management.

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Secure and controlled your menu management requirements across one or more networked IBM i servers.

Multiple environments

Multiple environments can be created on each of your IBM i machines for interactive areas such as development, test and production

Granular access

Individual users, groups of users and job functions can be matched to specific items within separate environments and access limited to those items only

Centralized administration

All definitions, such as menu items and user profiles can be centralized on one machine and distributed to other machines in the network

Increased control

Operators can temporarily bar a menu item or application from use, or limit the number of concurrent users

Improved security

Access to separate environments and to sensitive applications is tightly controlled and secure

Audit support

Comprehensive auditing and logging facilities are provided for all CENTRAL® Access activity

Single sign-on

Users sign on once to a single menu, listing the applications and items they are authorized to access

Menu consolidation

Users can view consolidated menus, merging options from different applications when required

Speed of access

Fast path facilities are available for application switching, menu positioning, and menu option index search