Menu management.

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Easily manage complex menu requirements involving multiple systems, divisions, locations, and languages.

Simplified User setup

Rapidly set up new users with menu options, print queues, and an initial library list - everything that's needed to start using the IBM i

Devolved administration

Share and devolve responsibility for administering a specific set of options and menus to one or many non-technical administrators

Increase administrator productivity

Copy and move entire divisions; options or option groups; or single users or sub-menus to other CENTRAL® Menu instances running on your network

Control access to your systems

Limit user access to include only what is needed. Use built-in scheduling to restrict option availability to set days or times

Multiple environments

Easily create and test menus, sub-menus, and options in separate areas before making them available to users

Customize menu processing

Programmatically control your environmental requirements, where necessary, using flexible Exit programs

Lock out divisions

Gain greater control of your systems using restricted functions that enable administrators to lock-out divisions and set up separate libraries and options for each

Manage packaged application menus

Standardize the management of both in-house and packaged software menus, without making users access in-house options through packaged application menus

Improve job control

Interactively respond to problems, obtain a list of active users at a moment's notice for unscheduled shutdowns, or simply monitor the workflow of a new employee

One-time sign-on and pass through

Allow your users to sign on to one IBM i server and then seamlessly access applications on any other IBM i on your corporate network

Prevent sensitive option suspension

Avoid unwanted suspension of individual options by preventing users from exiting before task completion

Prevent sign-off from sensitive options

Condition options to prevent users from signing off while that option is suspended and active