AUTOMON® Messenger

Automated messaging.

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2-way messaging for remote management of standalone and networked IBM i systems.

Respond remotely

Extend the reach of your messaging capabilities using powerful 2-way messaging via SMS, email, and X (Twitter)

Catch critical messages

Automatically monitor message queues to ensure that important messages don't get overlooked

Improve operator response times

Alert technical staff to critical situations immediately and mitigate interruptions to your business

Improve system availability

Exchange messages with installed utility and application software to keep your applications running smoothly

Alleviate manual interactions

Create rules that respond to messages automatically based on pre-defined criteria that you specify

Cover shift patterns and rotas

Define shift patterns and on-call rotas to ensure that the correct staff are always contacted

Escalate unanswered messages

Automatically route unanswered messages to alternative pagers, phones, email, and Twitter accounts

Satisfy audit compliance

Capture details of every sent and received message to aid historical review and achieve audit compliance

Improve system management

Integrate seamlessly with SoftLanding's AUTOMON® and SUPERMON® solutions to improve system management