Automated operations

Improve system reliability with unattended operations.

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run your ibm i data center unattended

Run unattended IT operations

We can help you to run your IBM i data center unattended. Our automated operations solutions improve enterprise system availability and provide better business continuity and success.

SoftLanding's solutions scale with the growth of your organization and can eradicate service disruptions that are frequently experienced with manual processes and intervention.

Using 'intelligent' automation to manage the availability of your applications and systems, your IT staff spend less time fire-fighting and can focus more on helping to drive transformational changes throughout the organization.

Improve efficiency through automated operations

Message management

SoftLanding’s message console management solution, AUTOMON® Console, improves system throughput by monitoring system and application messages, and then responding to those messages based upon rules that you define to the system.

Message management from SoftLanding:

  • Automated message handling for true unattended operations

  • Powerful browser interface for remote working with convenience and ease

  • Flexible configuration to raise message awareness based on parameters that you set

  • Centralized point of control for networked environments

  • Increased system throughput by eradicating delays inherent with manual operator intervention

Automated alerting

SoftLanding’s automated alerting solution, AUTOMON® Messenger, supports unattended operations by raising awareness of system and application problems and enabling corrective action to be taken remotely.

Automated alerting from SoftLanding:

  • Run your unattended operations smoothly with powerful 2-way messaging to facilitate remote control

  • Reliably notify staff of system problems by text message, email, or X (formerly Twitter)

  • Eradicate unanswered messages using automated escalation and group message alerting

  • Improve control with flexible alerting that suits shift patterns and on-call rotas

  • Enhance existing software and utility processes seamlessly and non-invasively

Advanced job scheduling

SoftLanding’s advanced job scheduling solution, AUTOMON® Scheduler, improves operational efficiency by eliminating the restrictions and inefficiencies of manual batch scheduling.

Advanced job scheduling from SoftLanding:

  • Reduce enterprise running costs and minimize downtime through automated error recovery

  • Increase levels of control by prioritizing critical work and improving batch performance

  • Control complex job dependencies simply and easily

  • Manage increased workloads without employing additional staff

  • Relieve operators from routine tasks and focus on value-added business activities

Spool management

SoftLanding’s spool management solution, AUTOMON® Spool, offers automated IBM i print and output management facilities that reduce printing costs and improve service to end users by providing convenient access to enterprise information.

Spool management from SoftLanding:

  • Improve the efficiency of your IT function with automated spool manipulation, distribution, and archiving

  • Split and merge spool content to ease information access

  • Reduce storage costs by compressing and archiving selected spool output

  • Minimize waste within your organization by preventing unnecessary printing

  • Ease information retrieval with powerful search and index controls