Disk management.

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Manage your IBM i disk space efficiently, systematically and automatically.

Improved disk usage insight

Analyze your disk usage thoroughly and accurately, across your entire IBM i network, from a single dashboard.

Automated disk management

Increase disk space and improve application performance with regular, automated disk management routines.

Multi-threaded disk evaluations

Schedule disk usage evaluations on a regular basis, and run on demand for instant analysis. Now multi-threaded for superior performance.

Powerful graphical interface

Quickly compare disk usage across different resources including applications, users, libraries, and IFS folders.

Manage IFS Storage

Evaluate the entire integrated file system (IFS) and determine the actual disk storage allocation of each folder.

Manage journals

Manage non-system journals automatically and save valuable disk space with ease.

Prevent runaway jobs

Pinpoint jobs that are causing critical disk issues, quickly and easily.

Defer costly upgrades

Save money by reclaiming disk space and avoiding unnecessary upgrades.

Export facility

Export data to third-party applications such as Microsoft® Excel.