TURNOVER® Lifecycle Manager

Application lifecycle management.

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Application lifecycle management for IBM i, web, and multi-platform software solutions, keeping them highly functional, reliable, and audit-compliant.

Problem and incident management

Improve application support using a full-service IT helpdesk combined with mobile-friendly browser-based end user self-service.

Project management

Track and report the status of all application changes from initial user request to deployment on local and remote servers.

Secure change management

Successfully implement granular authority, secure checkout, source and object version control, and conflict resolution with ease.

Cross-reference analysis

Ensure related objects and SQL artifacts don't get overlooked when scoping, developing, and deploying your application changes.

Source compare and merge

Quickly identify the differences between two versions of a source member and merge changes simply and easily, even with source stream files.

Agile software deployments

Work in your favorite Eclipse interface, such as IBM's RDi, or alternatively, use TURNOVER's mobile-first web interface or 5250 terminal emulation.

Multi-platform distribution

Reliable distribution of changes across your entire network of IBM i, Linux, UNIX, and Windows servers.

Vendor software synchronization

Save substantial time and effort in retrofitting your in-house customizations to new vendor software releases.

Recovery and rollback

Seamless recovery from unexpected installation failures, restoring your application to its previous state to ensure business continuity.

Release management

Reliably manage multiple versions of your applications, always getting the right source and distributing the correct version to each target system.

Enforced workflow

Define and enforce specific workflow procedures along with development and deployment authorities across all collaborating teams for greater process efficiency and cleaner audits.

3rd party interface support

Maximize developer productivity using optional or built-in interfaces for third-party solutions such as ABSTRACT, CA 2E, JD Edwards World, LANSA, Lawson, and PATHFiNDER.