UNICOM Systems, Inc. Acquires Macro 4 PLC


UNICOM® Systems, Inc. (“UNICOM”), of Mission Hills, California, a global leader in IBM mainframe, iOS, Domino, Lotus Notes, Unix and Open Systems Management Solutions, announces the acquisition of global software provider, Macro 4, PLC (“Macro 4”) of Crawley, West Sussex, United Kingdom.

This purchase, coupled with UNICOM’s acquisition of SoftLanding Systems, Inc., (“SoftLanding”) a leading provider of software management solutions for System i™ in 2006, demonstrates UNICOM’s continued commitment to meeting the IT needs of enterprises, worldwide.

"Our continued pursuit of a globalization strategy is the motive in acquiring Macro 4. UNICOM is committed to the zOS, CICS/TS, Document Management Solutions and System i™ market places worldwide. We believe that this expansion constitutes the next important step towards that goal. With the acquisition of Macro 4, UNICOM-Macro 4 will provide a global technical support network supported by wholly-owned subsidiaries operating in the UK, France, Germany, Benelux, Italy, Spain and Switzerland.” says Corry Hong, UNICOM’s President and CEO.

Asked to describe the synergies that UNICOM hopes to achieve, Mr. Hong elaborated that, "UNICOM-Macro 4’s respective CICS/TS products complement each other. In addition, Macro 4’s iOS suite of products will be bolstered by iOS products available via SoftLanding Systems. The combined offerings of UNICOM-SoftLanding-Macro 4 under one roof, will give us the ability to serve the needs of our customers in unprecedented ways. Our continued goal is to be a one- stop shop for all enterprise software needs, whether they be on the mainframe, System i™, or open systems.”

Mr. Hong credits UNICOM's past success to its focus on delivering value and reliability through quality products, support, and services, and believes that this business model transcends markets and technologies.

Ronnie Wilson, CEO of Macro 4 said, “We are excited by the prospect of joining the UNICOM family of companies. We look forward to expanding our markets and offering our customers additional products from the extensive suite of UNICOM and SoftLanding products.”

The System i™ software suite available from the UNICOM Group of Companies includes:

TurnOver - Integrated change management, version management, deployment, project management, and issue tracking for traditional System i™, Web, PC, and client/server applications.

SoftMenu - Secure, easy-to-use native menu administration for one or more System i™; processors, with support for remote systems, multiple divisions, and multi-language menus.

Access Manager - Native System i™ menu administration solution that addresses the problems of control, security and management of interactive users on one or more System i™ processors.

AutoConsole - Message queue monitoring solution for single and networked System i™ processors.

AutoJob - Advanced job scheduler for the System i™ environment. Designed to handle any type of batch job such as unattended backups, overnight reports and report distribution.

AutoPager - Designed to make unattended System i™ operations possible, enabling messages to be monitored and for staff to be paged when they are out of the office.

Disk Space Analyzer - Management of System i™ disk space in an efficient and systematic way thus avoiding unnecessary disk upgrades while also improving performance.

Performance Analyzer - Comprehensive real time performance monitoring and historical analysis for single and networked System i™ processors.

Print Manager - Spool file management system designed to address all aspects of System i™ print management.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I need technical assistance?
Technical support contacts have not changed and you should continue to use the same contacts for support.

Will UNICOM Systems continue to be a global leader in licensing and supporting CICS-based mainframe software?
Absolutely. Not only does UNICOM continue to be a global leader in IBM mainframe software development, license and support, it continues to aggressively pursue new opportunities in the mainframe market. By joining with Macro 4, UNICOM is signaling its desire to expand into Document Management Solutions while continuing to develop, improve, support and acquire mainframe software, particularly CICS-based software. Macro 4, SoftLanding and UNICOM can now provide products and support across multiple platforms, mainframe, Unix and System i™ alike.

If there are any questions about the merger, who do I contact?
Because Macro 4 and UNICOM will be consolidated, going forward, all non-technical inquiries should be made to the following:

Mr. Eugene Smith
UNICOM® Systems, Inc.
UNICOM Plaza, Suite 310
15535 San Fernando Mission Blvd.
Mission Hills, CA 91345
(818) 838-0606

About UNICOM® Systems, Inc.
UNICOM® Systems, Inc. (U.S. Government Certified GSA, FSS, Central Contractor Registration (CCR) Compliant), is a global leader in CICS automation for legacy systems. Today, UNICOM develops precision-tuned, high-performance applications that set the standard for reliability and speed. It has redefined the economics and quality of automation for legacy systems through Unified Artificial Intelligence, promising a new era of collaboration, data management, data warehousing solutions, communications and commerce.

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About Macro 4
Macro 4 is a global software company that helps organizations to improve the performance of their critical business applications by making the complex simple. Through core values including dedication, evolution, dependability and simplicity, Macro 4 has delivered significant value to its customers over a 40 year tenure in the iOS™, Unix and IBM Mainframe markets.

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About SoftLanding Systems, Inc.
SoftLanding Systems, Inc., a leading provider of software management solutions for System i™ and multi-platform development, specializes in solutions that streamline the entire software development and maintenance process, resulting in enhanced productivity, higher quality software, and improved application availability. SoftLandings' strength is in creating the ideal software management solution for any software environment, regardless of complexity, by drawing on expertise and tools in the following areas: software change management, database change management, issue tracking, application testing, and deployment.