UNICOM Systems Announces Brand New Mainframe Based Tool for TCP/IP Networks

Company's New AUTOMON/TCPIP Product Delivers Incredible Innovation through Revolutionary User Interface



Atlanta, GA - UNICOM Systems, Inc., the mainframe software division of UNICOM Global, today announced a brand new product for users of IBM's z/OS Mainframe operating system which delivers innovative new function to help customers manage their mission-critical TCP/IP environments through a state-of-the-art interface. The announcement was made at the SHARE user conference in Atlanta, Georgia.

AUTOMON TCPIP Screenshot 1.pngThe Company's AUTOMON/TCPIP product is the latest addition to the AUTOMON family of performance management software and provides important capabilities for customers to manage their critical mainframe networks. AUTOMON/TCPIP is a brand new product, written from the ground up, and features a 100% pure AJAX/Web browser interface through an XML conversation. This revolutionary interface extends the usage of the product to network management personnel across the enterprise and eliminates any bias of using green-screen access, as well as delivers intuitive features. 

AUTOMON/TCPIP features many revolutionary features including: 

  • A Dashboard interface with either graphical or table views for an overview of everything happening in the TCP/IP mainframe network, with easy click to drill down for more detail
  • The Retrospect™ feature which records all network activity which comes across the line, allowing the user to "go back in time" and view data  from previous periods to understand what affected the network 
  • Simple, one-button click to start, stop and view a formatted packet trace, with one-click access to output to the popular Wireshark trace analysis program
  • The revolutionary Advisor™ function which takes the guesswork out of managing your z/OS TCP/IP System. Advisor processes your Retrospect data according to a range of time you specify, and then will automatically suggest and set Alerts based on statistically meaningful changes in your system. 
  • Report writer utility employs a data dictionary approach to allow for the creation of any report on any field, data type or range of time. This can be useful for outage reports, SLA reporting or even capacity planning.

AUTOMON/TCPIP runs entirely on the mainframe without any server component and is currently in Beta status, with general availability planned for the 3rd quarter, 2012. For more information on AUTOMON/TCPIP email