SoftLanding Completes TurnOver's Transition to Eclipse Technology


SoftLanding Systems today announces the completion of TurnOver Change Management's transition to Eclipse-based technology – a major milestone in TurnOver's evolution – as well as its compatibility with OS/400 V5R4.

The redevelopment of TurnOver over the Eclipse platform keeps the change management solution in step with IBM's commitment to bring a more open Integrated Development Environment to the iSeries platform via the Eclipse-based WebSphere Development Studio Client for iSeries (WDSC). TurnOver's Eclipse underpinnings ensure complete interoperability with WDSC, faster delivery of significant enhancements, simplified setup and maintenance of the TurnOver solution, and improved usability.

As an Eclipse-based solution, TurnOver can now draw on the sophisticated graphical and modeling frameworks inherent in the Eclipse environment. These frameworks have allowed SoftLanding to deliver substantial enhancements, such as the Graphical Application Designer released in April 2005, at a much faster pace.

It also offers complete consistency with WDSC and other Eclipse-based IDEs. "It's clear that all iSeries development will move from PDM to WDSC," says Steve Gapp, CEO of SoftLanding Systems. "Our early experiences with the Eclipse framework proved to us that this technology brings very tangible benefits to iSeries developers. Now the entire TurnOver solution can be accessed through a stand-alone client or as a plug-in to any Eclipse-based IDE. The consistency between the two interfaces makes it easier for TurnOver users to move to WDSC or RAD. They're already familiar with the environment."

Developers who prefer a 5250 development environment can transition to WDSC and the new TurnOver client at their own pace. Because of TurnOver's architecture, they can switch between the 5250 and Eclipse interfaces at will and retain all of their work.

The new TurnOver Client offers many advantages over previous clients, including easier installation and maintenance and the option of having several TurnOver "roles" resident in one UI. By leveraging plug-in technology, the new single-client framework can encompass as few or as many TurnOver functions as a given user needs. Major TurnOver functions include helpdesk; project and task management; developer tools such as source/object management, PC version control, worklists, and cross-referencing; automated promotions; reporting; and TurnOver administration.

The Eclipse environment also offers greater flexibility in how information is presented than do 5250 or client/server technologies. For example, users can customize their workspace by choosing which views are shown, how they are sized, and where they are located. They can also easily rearrange columns of information within views and filter data.

Within the iSeries market, SoftLanding was among the earliest participants in open source communities. It joined the Eclipse Foundation after introducing TurnOver for WebSphere Studio, the first set of Eclipse-based software change management plug-ins to support iSeries development, in March 2003.

SoftLanding has also made two major contributions to the open source community. In April 2005 it released the open source version control tool Subversion for OS/400. Subversion was ported to the OS/400 platform by SoftLanding to form the foundation for TurnOverSVN, TurnOver’s PC source version control module. Later that year, SoftLanding contributed the popular RSE Extensions plug-in to the iSeries community. The RSE Extensions plug-in allows users to access spooled files and iSeries messages from within WDSC, as well as open duel source editing windows.

Availability and More Information
The new Eclipse-based TurnOver Client is currently available to all TurnOver customers by calling SoftLanding Systems Customer Service on +1 603 924 8818 x3 , or visiting SoftLanding’s Customer Support Website: For more information about TurnOver Change Management, call SoftLanding Systems Customer Service on +1 603 924 8818 x3 , or email us at

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