IBM i solutions from SoftLanding® Systems enable greater data resilience

New releases of software change management and menu solutions compatible with independent Auxiliary Storage Pools


PETERBOROUGH, NH – March 17, 2015 – SoftLanding® Systems, a division of UNICOM® Global, has released support for iASPs (independent Auxiliary Storage Pools) with its software change management solution, TURNOVER® for iSeries, and its menu management solution, CENTRAL® for iMenu, designed for iBM i users.

“By bringing in support for iASPs we are helping companies that use these storage pools to segregate their business applications and take advantage of attaching storage resources to alternative logical, or in some cases, physical systems, as and when necessary. This can significantly reduce application downtime whilst providing much needed flexibility for high availability, disaster recovery, and offline backup requirements,” explained Jim Fisher, SoftLanding Operations Manager. “Running TURNOVER or CENTRAL for iMenu in an iASP environment offers greater operational flexibility as iASP-based disk units can be easily brought online, or taken offline, independently of other system storage.”

New instances of TURNOVER and CENTRAL for iMenu can now be installed into iASPs, and if customers already run iASP-based installations, new releases of the software will automatically recognize this during the update process, saving time and manual effort.

TURNOVER also allows software changes made by end users to be applied on remote system iASPs as required, providing greater levels of automation, control, and reliability for customers that have their applications deployed in data-resilient environments.

Additionally, TURNOVER and CENTRAL for iMenu are now compatible with ABSTRACT v10.7 from HelpSystems. This allows TURNOVER users to utilize ABSTRACT’s powerful crossreference capabilities when preparing the deployment of their software changes, ensuring that all related and dependent application objects are identified and managed correctly. Similarly, CENTRAL for iMenu users can make use of compatibility with ABSTRACT to build a program to Masterfile menu option cross-reference that provides essential reference information when they are planning to implement program changes.

TURNOVER is a software change management solution that provides developers with end-toend application lifecycle management capabilities for the IBM i, ensuring that applications remain highly functional, reliable and auditable.

CENTRAL for iMenu offers extensive, flexible and secure menu management capabilities across one or more IBM i servers. Whether you have a single IBM i or a network of systems, you can enrol any number of users and effortlessly manage what each one does.

All SoftLanding IBM i products and solutions are commercially available from UNICOM Global’s UNICOM Systems and Macro 4 divisions. For additional product information please visit


About SoftLanding® Systems
SoftLanding is a division of UNICOM Global, specializing in software change management, automated operations, and performance management solutions for the IBM i, System i, iSeries and AS/400 platform.

SoftLanding’s software change management solution defines and supports repeatable procedures for developing, deploying and maintaining IBM i, Web and multi-platform applications, across the entire software development lifecycle (SDLC). The company's automated operations and performance management solutions keep core business systems running at optimum levels and prevent unplanned application downtime. SoftLanding’s menu management solutions provide efficient, secure, flexible, and standardized access to corporate business applications running on IBM i.

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Macro 4, a division of UNICOM Global, helps organizations to improve the performance of their business-critical applications and processes. The company’s solutions for document and data management, fault analysis and performance management are easy to use, fast to implement and deliver value quickly in even the most complex IT environments.

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