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3.31.2016 :: UNICOM® Global Acquires IBM® WebSphere® Multichannel Bank Transformation Toolkit from IBM Corp.
2.18.2016 :: UNICOM® Global Announces the CEO/CIO Symposium and TeamBLUE™ User Group Meetings 2016
1.31.2016 :: UNICOM Global CEO Corry Hong Interviewed in Enterprise Executive Magazine
12.31.2015 :: UNICOM® Global Acquires IBM® Rational® System Architect from IBM Corp.
12.15.2015 :: UNICOM® Global Buys Washington Technology Park I & II
11.30.2015 :: Web access to system messages helps IBM i administrators resolve operational problems faster
10.31.2015 :: UNICOM® Global Acquires IBM® Data Collection Suite from IBM Corp.
9.22.2015 :: UNICOM Global CEO Serves as “Professor for a Day” at CSUN
9.7.2015 :: SoftLanding launches enterprise content management solution for IBM i users
7.7.2015 :: Flowcharting feature in AUTOMON for iSchedule highlights job scheduling dependencies and reduces risk


SoftLanding specializes in software and systems management for the IBM i, System i, iSeries and AS/400 platform. We have helped address the needs of companies of every size in every industry, bringing order to increasingly complex and demanding IT environments. In the process, our customers have increased IT productivity, improved application availability, and protected their valuable software assets.

AUTOMON® for iConsole v100
IBM i message management for standalone or networked IBM i servers. Not only will it provide your business with improved system throughput, but it will also save you valuable time and money through automated monitoring and response rules that you define to the system.  

AUTOMON® for iMessage v100
AUTOMON® for iMessage is an automated messaging solution, designed to support personnel when IBM i problems and/or specific events occur. It offers e-mail, Twitter and 2-way SMS (Short Message Service) paging functionality to send and receive messages and keep control of your IBM i servers from a remote location.

AUTOMON® for iSchedule v100
Advanced job scheduling for batch work on single or networked IBM i servers - all with a single point of control. “State-of the-art” design with unattended backup, restricted task scheduling and system IPL capabilities.

AUTOMON® for iSpool v100
IBM i spool file management with extensive electronic document facilities such as report splitting, document management, spool management, distribution and archiving.  

CENTRAL® for iAccess v100
Controlled, secure and centralized menu management across one or more IBM i servers. A consistent, seamless interface to all applications, whether bespoke, CASE generated or vendor supplied.

CENTRAL® for iMenu v100
Extensive, flexible and secure menu management for standalone or networked IBM i servers. Effortless administration that caters for organizations of all sizes and complexities.

Cost-effective enterprise content management that unlocks access to a wide variety of business content to improve service, raise productivity, enhance collaboration, and streamline business processes. Unleash the power of digital communications without changing to your IT systems or IBM i applications.

EXPRESSDESK® for iSeries v100
Comprehensive issue tracking solution that combines browser-based end user self-service with TURNOVER®'s full-service IT Helpdesk for a corporate-wide system that makes the most of limited resources. Features fast and easy to find answers to technical questions along with support request creation and tracking.

ITPOWERPAC® for iSeries
Comprehensive and unique solution suite that provides the tools you need to ensure the smooth running of standalone or networked IBM i servers, whether that be for reliable, robust and centralized automated operations; real-time disk and performance management; seamless access control; extensive helpdesk issue tracking or comprehensive software change management for IBM i, Java and Web and PC applications.

SUPERMON® for iSeries v100
Real-time performance monitoring and control for IBM i servers.  Potential performance problems are alerted without unnecessary delay, allowing immediate remedial action to limit the scope of more serious impact.

SUPERMON® for iDisk v100
Efficient, systematic and automatic IBM i disk management. Pin-point potential storage issues pro-actively, manage files, schedule reorganizations and reclaim disk space.  

TURNOVER® for iSeries v100
Change Management that defines and supports repeatable procedures for developing, deploying, and maintaining IBM i, Web, and multi-platform applications. Its fully integrated issue tracking, IBM i change management, PC/Java version control, project management, and application deployment capabilities streamline and unify the entire software development process.

TURNOVER® for LanTurn v100
Seamless integration with LANSA development environments providing features such as LANSA cross-reference, RDML compare and distribution. Manage the Web with ease as TURNOVER® for LanTurn v100 supports both LANSA for the Web and Visual LANSA. 

TURNOVER® for Over:2E v100
Seamless integration between TURNOVER® for iSeries v100 Change Management and the AllFusion 2E® development environment, with full access to TURNOVER®'s complete suite of integrated helpdesk, project management, and change management and distribution capabilities. 

TURNOVER® for PDQ v100
Unique database change product that Promotes Data Quickly and eliminates the pain inherent in data file upgrades and reorganizations. With advanced high availability and change management techniques, TURNOVER® for PDQ allows read/write access to databases while upgrades are taking place.  

TURNOVER® for ProTurn v100
TURNOVER® for iSeries v100 interface to handle all ProGen Plus’ high-level definitions as objects so your development staff can better control the change cycle, and control which high-level objects are allowed to undergo development, without switching from one product to another. 

TURNOVER® for SVN v100
IBM i-based source version control solution for Java, PC, and Web developers working in a team environment. Specially designed for IT organizations that need to manage newer types of development in addition to traditional IBM i development.  

RSE Extensions
RSE Extensions plug-in for IBM Rational Developer for i and WDSC which provides several convenient features that make it easier for IBM i developers to work entirely within the RDi/WDSC development environment.