Web access to system messages helps IBM i administrators resolve operational problems faster

SoftLanding Systems adds new browser interface to AUTOMON for iConsole message management software


PETERBOROUGH, NH, November 30, 2015 – SoftLanding® Systems, a division of UNICOM® Global, has released a new web user interface for its AUTOMON for iConsole IBM i message management solution, allowing authorized system administrators to access the software’s centralized message console from any device with a browser. The extra flexibility helps operations personnel address potential IBM i problems faster by allowing them to access the system when they are on the move, or out of the office.

“The new web interface removes the need for 5250 terminal emulation sessions or dedicated PC interfaces to monitor and respond to important system events. Administrators can access our message console from just about anywhere, at any time, using any device that has a browser,” said Jim Fisher, SoftLanding Operations Manager. “Easier access helps system administrators to safeguard service levels by responding to potential problems sooner, before they start causing slow response times or application downtime. It also enables companies to save money by providing out-of-hours support without needing staff to be constantly on site.”

The new browser interface also allows administrators to classify messages by severity, type and other criteria and view them in separate displays, which provides faster access to critical messages.

For maximum responsiveness all messages are automatically displayed as they are generated, without requiring administrators to refresh the browser.

AUTOMON for iConsole, part of the AUTOMON® suite of automated operations software for IBM i systems, provides advanced message management capabilities for standalone and networked IBM i servers. The software improves system throughput, saves time and reduces costs through automated monitoring and response rules.

The AUTOMON for iConsole software can provide a single, consolidated view of messages from multiple IBM i systems across different locations while applying centralized access controls. To free up administrator time, the software can be configured to respond with automated actions or answers to specific messages.

Other software products in the AUTOMON suite include:

AUTOMON® for iSchedule v100
An IBM i advanced job scheduler that manages batch work on standalone or networked IBM i servers, all with a single point of control - satisfies enterprise scheduling needs with capabilities such as unattended backups, restricted task scheduling and controlled system IPLs (Initial Program Loads).

AUTOMON® for iMessage v100
IBM i automated messaging for message queue, application and job monitoring, notifying system administrators and support personnel when problems and/or specific events occur - allows users to receive automated alerts and to control IBM i servers remotely using email, Twitter and text messaging.

AUTOMON® for iSpool v100
IBM i full function spool file management, featuring extensive electronic document facilities such as report splitting, document management, spool management, distribution and archiving.

SoftLanding’s IBM i products and solutions are commercially available through UNICOM Global’s UNICOM Systems and Macro 4 divisions. For additional product information please visit


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