SoftLanding Extends TurnOver Auditing and Reporting


SoftLanding Systems today announces enhancements to TurnOver Change Management's graphical reporting subsystem and auditing capabilities. Inspired by increasingly rigorous audit activity and rising expectations of accountability for IT resources, the enhancements allow IT professionals to comply with information requests from even the most demanding auditor or executive.

The enhancements include new reports, a facility to export report data for additional analysis, the ability to audit the data objects used for application testing, and the ability to graphically compare any changes made to the TurnOver settings that govern how software programs and data are managed.

TurnOver Change Management establishes and automates repeatable processes for the full software development lifecycle, including issue tracking, project management, development, and deployment. It currently ships with a library of over 30 pre-configured, parameter-driven reports that help measure workload and productivity, benchmark key metrics over time to facilitate a program of continuous improvement, and track adherence to service level agreements. In addition, they provide easy access to audit information.

”IT managers need flexible reporting and reliable statistics on development processes to satisfy many demands,” says Steve Gapp, president and CEO of SoftLanding Systems. "With TurnOver, all data covering the full lifecycle is stored in a single iSeries database. Our on-demand reporting capability means that IT management can face audits with confidence and make informed decisions based on their company’s IT metrics."

TurnOver's graphical report format contains a drill-down feature that allows users to examine the details behind the summary presentation. For example, the new Task Information report provides a summary of the full lifecycle of a given task. Auditors click on specific segments of the report to see more granular detail, such as the original issue report that prompted the software change, who ran the promotion into production, or what specific instructions were executed during the promotion.

In addition to pre-configured reports, TurnOver now offers an "Export to Clipboard" option that allows users to export data to email or spreadsheet programs. The Export Wizard formats the data according to its target destination, enabling in-depth analysis and flexibility in reporting style.

Until recently, most change management audits focused exclusively on changes to programs and data. Now some auditors request documentation of changes made to the authorities and rules that govern the development lifecycle and the handling of specific types of objects. To address this requirement, TurnOver now version controls all changes made to its own settings. An easy-to-read online summary graphically presents the differences between any two versions of settings in a way that lets anyone quickly get a before-and-after snapshot of all changes.

Other new audit-related enhancements to TurnOver include an audit trail for data objects that are duplicated and promoted for testing and training purposes, as well as an audit adjustment log that identifies changes made outside of the TurnOver system so management can investigate and document the reasons behind those changes.

Availability and More Information
The new TurnOver Reporting subsystem and auditing enhancements are currently available to all TurnOver customers by calling SoftLanding Systems Customer Service at +1 603 924 8818 ext. 3, or by visiting SoftLanding’s Customer Support Website.

For more information about TurnOver Change Management, call SoftLanding Systems on +1 603 924 8818, or email us at

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