Discover the new SUPERMON® for iDisk interfaceWebinar: Discover the new SUPERMON® for iDisk interface

Tuesday 25th April 2017, 12.30-1pm GMT, Online

In this brief technical webinar we’ll give an overview of SUPERMON® for iDisk, and discuss the new and future features of the SUPERMON® for iDisk interface. To learn more, please register for the webinar here.

SUPERMON® for iDisk provides regular evaluations on the disk usage across your network of IBM i servers (including full IFS, iASP and MetroMirror support), dynamic storage monitors for up-to-date views of disk usage for jobs and users with full alerting, and housekeeping for spool files, journal receivers and file reorganizations.

The latest version of the SUPERMON® for iDisk interface includes reporting and scheduling of reports, dynamic storage monitor data, growth flags and values since last evaluation or given date, and trend lines and extrapolation capabilities.

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